Keyboard layouts by associated language

As of Windows 10.0.26200.5001

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This lists combines two set of data. First, it groups input layouts by their associated language as inferred from KLID and places them into the BCP-47 language tree. Second, all default layouts defined for an input language are merged into the tree. The default layout is the one that gets installed and automatically activated when you add the language. Note that the default layout does not have to be associated with the same language. For example, the default for Dutch is United States-International, which is associated with en-US, English (United States).

When a specific language is not listed, it either does not define any default layout or uses the default of the parent language. For example the default keyboard layout for bn-IN, Bangla (India) is the Bangla - INSCRIPT. There is no default set for bn-BD, Bangla (Bangladesh), but there is one for the neutral bn, Bangla, which will be used instead.

* denotes the default layout for given input language. ** denotes a default layout that is associated with a different language.